A big part of working with great people in Agility is what you learn from them. Learning about new approaches to work, to creativity and to solving problems is a core component of what we hope to achieve with Agility. Learning something new and exchanging knowledge are such important disciplines of our connected world.

Therefore we are delighted to begin working with Educate Together. Founded three decades ago, this network of schools has a child-centric approach to education. Paul Rowe, CEO of Educate Together, recently wrote in The Irish Times about the need for change in Ireland's education.

One thing to change? It must be the way the education system thinks of children and their needs and rights. We need to ask ourselves if the system starts from the needs of children or the needs of its established stakeholders.
— The Irish Times, 1 October 2013

We love change and look forward to working with Paul Rowe on shaping the future of education both in Ireland and abroad.

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Lead image: Flickr, Johan Larsson.