If you were one of those at the Web Summit in Dublin last week, you may well have come across Agility making their public bow.

Finian, Blathnaid and Jim were joined by Paul Rowe from Educate Together on the Library Stage for a discussion sparked by the title “How We Killed Reductionism”. If you want to find out exactly how we carried out this task, without recourse to any hitmen from Love/Hate, the audio is below.

It was a fascinating experience for all of us. One of the best things about the discussion was that it was held on the Library Stage. Over the course of the Summit, Johnny Ryan, Chief Innovation Officer at The Irish Times, curated a series of talks and discussions which were about ideas and machinations rather than the incessant sell-sell-sell and CEO self-love which dominated the other arenas.

Indeed, it was heartening to see that the room was full from the get-go, with people eager to hear what smart folks like Leonard Kleinrock, one of the architects of the internet, had to say. There’s certainly a place at an entrepreneur-facing event like the Web Summit for those who want to go a little deeper and wider than merely seed capital and the VC shuffle.

For Agility, the Web Summit was a certainly a good place to be. As we build our network and bring more of our loose connections into the frame, it’s interesting and telling to get feedback on our collaborative model from people we don’t know rather than preaching to the choir. There’s certainly many more people willing to join the chorus.