Thankfully, not all eureka moments occur in the bath. Over the last year or so, I’ve been involved in a couple of different ventures with many of the other people at Agility, all of which have lead to this point.

There was a week-long Music 3.0 workshop where a number of people from non-music backgrounds talked about what they do and why in front of a bunch of people working in the music business.

There was a workshop for charities at the Dublin Web Summit last year which sought to show the participants another way to square the circle.

And there was a panel discussion which Finian and I co-chaired at this year’s South By Southwest shindig. There was also some excellent BBQ lunches at the latter, but we’ll leave that for Agility Food (coming soon).

At every turn, it became clear to me that collaborations were often a lot better, more fun and more productive than flying solo.

I’m still involved in a plethora of activities under my own steam, but it struck me that there was a lot to be said for working with other, similarly-inclined people on amplifying and augmenting ideas, projects and ventures. Different skills, mindsets and perspectives always lead to fresh thinking and invigorating challenges.

Enter Agility, a vehicle to do all of this and perhaps more. Many hands and minds working together to turn ideas and projects into great ideas and projects.