I've been in the music industry since I was 18, I've worked in TV and Film since I was 21, and I've been lucky to work and learn from people that are much better at all than I am.

I have experienced the best and worst that creative projects can throw at people, and I have learned every step of the way. During that time I also worked with Europe's largest Urban Regeneration Project, and have continued to dedicate my time to learning from others, be they architects, musicians, social workers, film makers, writers, bureaucrats and artists.... thinkers and doers. As many different people, from as many different backgrounds, as possible.

The one lesson that has stuck with me more than anything else, is that collaboration is key, the key to getting better results. You can convince yourself that your vision is the one and only way to achieve an objective, but you will never really achieve something great unless you share your idea with others, and create something neither of you could have pictured at the beginning.

Two years ago, at the height of the recession I started Monthly General Meetings to showcase the best of Ireland's creative talent. Since then I have witnessed some of the ingenuity, skill and imagination that exists on our doorstep. This has only served to convince me that it's right and proper to collaborate with people from different disciplines, to create something better.

I'm excited about Agility, and the possibilities it creates.