There is nothing as gratifying as striking a note, not musically, just mid conversation when you realise the person you’re having a conversation with gets what you’re saying.

FMC is viewed differently depending who you are speaking to. We are an Arts organisation, we are a Music Industry organisation, we are a spokespiece for a sector , we are a Youth organisation. They are all true, but we are a philosophy - musicians should be at the core of the music industry and that, contrary to what Jessie J says, it is not all about the money. We are about joining networks together to the mutual benefit of all.

We are simply put, introducers.

This is why after concluding a successful project with Jim and Finian that magic moment happened, we could take this idea outside our sector and ‘introduce’ knowledge and skills and people and pathways.

I am so excited about Agility. It is about sharing knowledge so everything gets a little easier for everyone, no agenda, no vested interest just a bunch of people to help someone or some idea take a look at itself from a different angle.

We will bring networks together rather than being kept in inward gazing, stuck on the hamster wheel, stand alone industries.

What if, somewhere down the line, a medical breakthrough came from an architect or a drummer?