At the start of the summer I met Jim Carroll for 'a coffee' (neither one of us actually had coffee it should be noted). Jim gave me the elevator pitch for what has become Agility - a group of diverse people collaborating to help different projects. He didn't get to make it to the end of the pitch before I told him I was in. 

As a kid I realised collaboration could create something that was better than the sum of its parts. Every Friday evening when I was growing up we had an Irish music session in my kitchen, being part of a group, playing with other musicians was transformative - I participated, shared and in doing so learned, grew and created something stronger. 

This early lesson in collaboration has stuck with me throughout my career, particularly in project management. In 2011, I project managed the digital output for RTÉ's General Election coverage. Collaborating with different people helped us hit a staggering 23 million pageviews in three days.

There is a lot to like about what Agility is setting out to do. It's an age old idea - people coming together combining their skills and knowhow to produce something more impressive than what they could achieve on their own. I look forward to being part of it.