Last week, a very successful and admired ad agency posted a sketched graph about the creative process.



It captures the long and often challenging stage of developing  loads of ideas and the last minute panic to deliver the work. However, what surprised me most about this little comic strip was how the awards seemed to be the agency's goal. No mention of solving the problem, or taking on an opportunity.

This week the Cannes Advertising Festival was handing out awards for best in class work. While some competitions have begun to focus on the effect of the creative work, most continue to be an opportunity for entrants to pat themselves on the back. Awards often act as a reassurance that what we're doing has value whether it solved the problem or not.

This same week, I briefly met John Willshire (@willsh) from product and marketing innovation studio, Smithery. He spoke at an IAPI event on "making things people want, rather than making people want things."

Awards ceremonies are great fun, but the best measure of our work is that people use it, share it and value it. At Agility, we're excited to collaborate with people who are making things people want. If you have that same vision, say hello.