It’s likely if you’ve ever walked around Dublin that you’ve been startled at least once by an amphibious vehicle transporting a bunch of people wearing viking helmets while they yelp, cheer and shout. To the average city dweller, the Viking Splash Tours' contributions to the Dublin soundscape might seem annoying but they are also quite clever. The Splash Tours is making use of something it is doing as part of its core offering and turning it into a marketing tool -- making its customers participate then and there in spreading the word.

If you’ve ever walked by a bakery, such as KC Peaches on Nassau Street in Dublin, you’ll see another example of what I’m talking about at play. Bakeries have to bake cakes, but by putting some of the more attractive and alluring ones in the front window, they too are using something they have to do anyway as a tool to reach their audience.

For years, Irish people have taken for granted the fact that, notwithstanding bad weather, cows graze freely on grass outdoors. It’s only in the last few years that we’ve realised what a massive and powerful marketing advantage something we were doing anyway gave Irish dairy products (see the recent bulletproof coffee craze as just one example of how the grass fed nature of our dairy products is helping them to win new markets).

But not everyone harnesses what to others might seem obvious. Dozens of other tours in Dublin take place every day in silence, ignored and unnoticed by tourists and dubliners alike, thousands of cakes are baked and go unseen and uneaten when windows could easily accommodate them but aren’t and perhaps somewhere in the food production community there’s another ‘grass fed’ cow type advantage that isn’t being used.

What are you doing everyday that is an incredible asset if thought about a little differently? Something that without changing your workflow or without increasing your costs might give you another way to reach and engage your audience. Maybe you or your company have strengths that you’re not treating as such. It’s worth setting aside some time to think about.

Image: Neil Turner/Flickr