Across the course of the World Cup, there were many exciting football moments, but very few exciting brand moments. There were plenty mentions of the Adidas balls, Irish company Moy Park and unfortunate crying moments for Coca Cola. However, nothing was truly different from tournaments gone by.

There was a huge spend on TV advertising to grab the attention of the millions of viewers worldwide. But inbetween the football, how engaged was this audience with the TV screen? Few brands blended both TV with digital, until the masters of the game, Nike stepped in.

But let's be clear about something: this was not ground-breaking. The brand simply spoke to real football fans (and sports fans in general) and asked "what are you doing while watching your teams play?" The fans told Nike that they with sharing the moments. They watch the game on TV and celebrate the moments online. Nike (with their agency W+K) simply designed their work around a current behaviour. They integrated this with smart responsive channels - placing ads through digital advertising as the goals happened - and allowed the consumer to remix their work - because they do it anyway.

While their main competitor Adidas focused on promoting players like Messi, Nike gave control to the consumer, recognising the fans as the most important factor in the game. They built a simple idea around the truth - consumers share great football moments online.

What truth are you responding to?