Tomorrow, the long-awaited Cabinet reshuffle will be announced. Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Tánaiste Joan Burton have been having the chats over the last few days as the pair work out who gets a promotion, who gets demoted and who will be spending the summer months learning the ins and outs of a new department.

One of the strangest things about Irish cabinets and especially reshuffles is the expertise question. Occasionally, you get characters like Alan Shatter and James O’Reilly who find themselves at the helm of the department where they actually know about the everyday business crossing their desk.

But political demands and constituency requirements often mean ministers are appointed to cabinet and individual posts who are not quite up the job in question. Of course, looking at months of controversies in the departments of Justice and Health, you could argue that the lads who gets the jobs they are supposed to know about are often also unsuitable to the task at hand.

Thanks to article 28 of the constitution, the Taoiseach can’t look beyond the elected representatives of the Dáil and Seanad when he goes appointing government ministers. Of course, political demands and lobby fodder requirements mean he’s usually not minded to do so – do you want to be the Taoiseach who brings in an outsider and takes a would-be minister’s Merc and perks away?

However, we here at The Agile have been thinking and have decided to stage a bit of a coup. We’ve scrubbed Article 28 from the constitution and we’re appointing ministers based on experience, expertise and leadership ability. Who would you appoint to our fantasy cabinet and what qualities would they have? Let’s hear from you.

Image credit: Psyberartist