11 years ago today I sat in a car, upset and frustrated after opening an envelope. Inside were the results of my Leaving Cert, Ireland's state exams, which at the time I believed determined my future. Despite working extremely hard to learn information off by heart, I didn’t get the results I wanted and ultimately the college course I had pursued.

I was gutted. I ended up starting in a course which initially I had no interest in, but it gave me a perspective on my career.

I realised that we don’t learn subjects but skillsets.
We don’t learn by note taking, but by networking.
We are not educated by dictation but by doing.

Your final school exams, unlike the past, will not determine your future. Not only has technology opened up a world of learning for anyone at any age, but we should expect to learn new skills throughout our life. Equally, we live in a more connected world, where if we don’t have the necessary skill, someone in our network will be able to help.

Some of us in Agility did well in their Leaving Cert, others managed to be successful with a D in lower level maths. None of this really matters, as today, we all bring expertise and experience from multiple disciplines which we share with each other. We learn by sharing and doing and through supporting companies and organsiations who wish to make a difference.

If you are working on a project that would benefit from this way of thinking, please get in touch.

Image credit: Alejandroes Camilla