I’ve been writing this piece in my head for a number of months. In fact, I’ve been having the following conversation for a couple of years. It is only in the past two weeks, after I left a successful and established agency, Irish International (BBDO), have I had time to reflect where things are at.

For 7 years, I’ve worked agency side - as a planner with Mindshare and then with BBDO - with some amazing people and brands like Heineken, NFL and Mars. Across this time, I’ve noticed the fragmentation of the industry (at times seven agencies working on one brief); the frantic rush to understand digital; and the increased reluctance to take a risk.

This has led to land grabbing, digital cowboys and conservative responses to briefs. This week, Uwe Hook summarised what the current state of agency land is:

Where do I start? Broken agency model resulting in broken agency-client relationships, outdated client structures and processes not aligned with today’s reality, the continued belief that bad products can be sold through great advertising, unrealistic goals, no innovation budgets, over delivering on pitches and under delivering on executional work due to cuts and declining budgets, politics everywhere. Too many brands trying to apply their industrial/broadcast thinking to the digital space. Not only that, as an industry we have become so obsessed with technology that we have forgotten what technology is supposed to deliver: Messages that move people.
— Uwe Hook

So, things are changing and certain agencies are adapting and re-shaping their models to be more responsive, more collaborative and more honest in how they respond to briefs. Those agencies who admit that sometimes communications isn’t the solution, but that organisational culture, product or service design may be the issue.

This is why I started Agility. I’m fortunate to be working with a group of smart people from different backgrounds and look forward to meeting new people working on exciting projects.

People who are open to collaboration and open to trying out new things. 

Is Agility an agency? Not quite, but it is an intention to re-develop the approach we take to solving briefs and a call to everyone to be more collaborative in their work. If you fancy working with us, please get in touch.

Pics credit: wonderful leaving card designed by Kirk Bannon