As more people ask about Agility, curious about what we do, and what we plan to do, often one of the first questions is where are you based?

The answer is "we work remotely."What does this mean?

Well, Agility is a collective of creative people working on strategies with companies and organisations who are challenging society and building stuff. We come together to act as project teams on specific briefs and most of this is through virtual (digital) channels.
Like many of us in the workplace, I have worked for over a decade in an office - working 9-5 - at a desk, clocking in and out, with the expectation that within these hours, we are all productive. However, what happens when you loosen this. What happens when you realise that ideas and solutions can’t be forced into specific hours of the day. What happens when you acknowledge that with modern tools, we can be more effective outside this structure?

At Agility, we are office-less. This does not mean we don’t ignore the value of coming together face-to-face, but all too often we’ve sat in meetings that are pointless. So, how do we operate?

#1 We killed e-mail. We don’t like busy, full inboxes. However, we do like to know what's going on. We collaborate using Slack - an instant messaging tool, which allows everyone to know what is going on and plug in documents when needed.

#2 We chat via mobile (a lot). More than 50% of our communication is via our devices. This allows us to be free to have ideas and solutions on the move and not having to be locked at a desk. Apps like MailboxGoogle Docs, Keynote, Mailchimp all allow you to communicate and create on your mobile.

#3 We like good places for coffee. With the growth in the number of coffee shops around Dublin, including Lolly & Cooks, 3fe and KC Peaches, we aways have somewhere to meet and chat about ideas and plans. We also love Skype, so when Una is in Berlin and Nial is in London, we can chat through plans. 

So, if you would like to chat more about your business or idea, meet me for a coffee. Say and I'll share more about how we can collaborate with you.

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