Since I wrote about deciding to leave a job in an ad agency to experiment with a new business model and a different way of working, it has been simultaneously liberating and limiting.

The past six months has been about proving to myself and others whether or not the model could work. An old model (meitheal) of bringing together different people to respond to creative, communications, strategy and business briefs. To a certain extent it has worked. We have collaborated on some fun and challenging projects and 2015 will be about making further connections and acting as support to agencies, organisation and companies who want to reach their goals.

So this has been liberating - setting your own working pace and hours. Choosing - to a certain extent - what you wish to work on and the approaches to the projects. It has been an opportunity to sit down and listen to other smart people and constantly have your perception challenged - an education each day.

However, like any business, project or movement starting out - it has been full of limitations. The "we've always done it this way" mentality, the "buzzword bingo" brigades or the "we just don't have the budget" responses. These are not unique to us - but there are times when you wonder maybe there's no point in it.

Then you look at who you follow on your social networks, the blog posts you read, and the people you meet for coffee and you get inspired by other folk - doing great things in new spaces. As I followed the recent atrocities unfold in Paris via Twitter, I recalled the first time I heard Mark Little pitch Storyful to me and wondered how he pursued in explaining that this was the future of journalism. I look to Agility friends and think of the McGinn sisters pushing through their vision for OPSH or the Educate Together team re-defining schools, or Stephen O'Leary developing ideas and jobs in Olytico.

I read Heidi Hackemer updates about how she, as an ex-planner, is experimenting with wolf & wilhelmine in New York and Neil Perkin makes my Friday inbox more interesting with his emails. I watch Damien Mulley and Shane O'Leary challenge current marketing thinking in their own ways and I enjoy chatting to Ciaran Walsh of Sweatshop about how there's enough talk and a need for more action.

That's what 2015 is about for me - looking towards the doers* who are creating great stuff - and helping in ways Agility can, to get great ideas done.

Enough talk.


*This list was 100% randomly selected - there's many more to add.
Who inspires you? Comment below if you care to share...


Pic credit: Daria / epicantus