One of the privileges of working with a smart team at Agility, is that we choose what to work on. Our criteria is very simple, what is the purpose of the project?

While this question is easy to ask, it can often be difficult to answer. Fortunately, we live in a world where there are a lot of great people with ideas. Creativity is for everyone, and should be nurtured. However, not every idea will work if a purpose isn't at the centre of it.

When people apply to collaborate with us, they often have great ideas - they know what the idea is, how the idea could work, but often can't answer why the idea should happen. What is the purpose of the idea or project. What is the reason for your project? Simon Sinek's Golden Circle is a great framework to use in your organisation to ask these questions. Whether it is your new product, brand or festival - what is its purpose?

What happens when you start to ask yourself this question? Two outcomes occur

1. You challenge the project to do more. The purpose goes beyond "increase sales" or "drive profitability," and often will lead to a great meaningful or social purpose.

2. Those within your team have a strong target, a goal, a purpose to exist within your organisation. A purpose is your calling card to action.

Agility are busy working in the background on an exciting project with a purpose. So far, we have collaborated with a lot of great people on this, so I'll take this opportunity to thank them now. Stay tuned in the next few weeks for this project - and please get behind our purpose of turning ideas into great ideas.