Irish ad agencies have a serious problem to figure out - the gender ratio. IAPI has published the 2015 industry census and while the overall industry is 50:50 male:female, the actual work that is being created is primarily by the lads. In recent years, there have been some attempts to encourage a better gender balance within the Irish ad industry but 1 in 4 pieces of creative work is likely to be thought up by a guy. Apart from a minority of weak and sexist advertising (which we won't name and shame here) there is a commercial reason, beyond an ideal, to change the ratio.

Emotional work is effective

Study after study has proven that communications which tap into an emotional response are more effective than logical reasoning. We have moved away from the men in white coats telling us why his detergent is scientifically best to brand stories which evoke an emotion. What the science has shown us is that this emotional storytelling is working.

Guess who is better at emotions?

That's right - not the lads. Often used in the corporate world, The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) measures psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions - i.e. our personalities. One of the four personality spectrums is whether you are more a thinker (more rational) or a feeler (more emotional). 60% of men have thinking personalities (therefore only 40% have feeling personalities) while 65% of women tend to have feeling personalities.

If the Irish ad industry were to have more women creating communications (currently only 26-33% of creative teams), would there be a change? Would we have more emotionally tuned creative teams? Would we have more emotional based work? Would we have more effective communications?

I would propose greater equality will only lead to more emotional intelligence which will lead to more effective work for our industry. With that logical - who could argue?