We are delighted to announce our latest collaborative project, working with Fundraising Ireland, who work with 400 charities across our country.

The team will bring together strategic thinking, communication planning and digital expertise to redevelop Fundraising Ireland’s digital assets including their e-commerce website, community management tools and social channels. There are fantastic charity initiatives across our country creating great social impact. Working closely with Fundraising Ireland, we hope to showcase more of this impactful work and use digital tools to share experiences and expertise.

We are looking forward to working with Agility to build a platform for our members to share their stories of social impact, to inspire and learn from one another and to share knowledge about the best practice of fundraising in Ireland.
— Lucy Masterson, Fundraising Ireland CEO

Agility has previously worked on similar projects including Educate Together, Other Voices and the Web Summit. We are delighted to work on another organisation to help them develop and fulfil their purpose.

Speaking about the collaboration, Lucy Masterson, Fundraising Ireland CEO said:

At Fundraising Ireland we represent and promote best practice fundraising. Our members are professional fundraisers - the outcome of their work providing a crucial social service.

Objectively they enable wonderful social developments to occur which are beyond the scope or aim of conventional public funding. Subjectively they help to inspire and focus the naturally generous instinct of people to give back and to give to.