I was invited to join a Q&A session with the 100+ team down at Squarespace Dublin this week. Joined by actor Clare Dunne, photographer Andre Corvin, and designer Suzie Murphy (Little White Dog) we talked about how we all use Squarespace to showcase the work we do.

At Agility, we have used the service to host our own site, as well as building up a community as part of our StraightUpforEquality.org campaign. It was great to talk about good and bad ideas, the "tech scene," and the creative energy in Dublin. 

It was these last two points which brought us to the final discussion about tech companies such as SquareSpace, Twitter, Google, AirBnB, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many more enjoying the fruits of Dublin's creative community. Le Cool Dublin was the first to address this last year when they acknowledged that many people attending events around the city had email addresses ending with @google.com or @fb.com. This is a great validation of creative work and illustrates there is a demand on our doorstep. There is a young, energetic and affluent group of people interested in attending the festivals and events held by Dublin's creative community.

However, anyone working in the creative community needs a more sustainable model, one in which the technology companies operating from Dublin could and should be supporting. It would benefit both communities and potentially bring about great collaborations.

My last point in the nice offices of SquareSpace, was there is a great opportunity for the companies and employees to give back more to culture in Dublin and as such would be able to showcase great ideas together.

If you're not using Squarespace, you should try it out.