At Agility, we work on projects we believe in and love. We have worked on projects in education, fashion and now the creative arts and tourism. Working with the owners of 95 Merrion Square in Dublin, we are helping them develop, curate and promote a new creative centre - Wilde Creative Centre.

The Wilde Creative Centre exists to experience and explore a great Irish artist and character while giving a space to the men and women who create with the same spirit.

It gives a challenging but playful call to try something new, lose your inhibition, explore and discover creativity in Ireland.

The centre will help people to discover and experience creativity and the story of Oscar Wilde in Ireland. We believe Wilde should be remembered as a pioneer who inspired artists after him. The centre will be welcoming, witty and innovative in its programming.

We are currently looking to recruit a great curator and venue manager.


We would also like to share with you, our Agility friends, this gorgeous Georgian building and the type of events which will be hosted there. So, come along to one of three nights (Sun 16th Feb, Mon 17th Feb, Tues 18th Feb) hosted by our friends from Weekly General Meeting to see the space in action. You can sign up to attend below (and bring a friend!). See you there.

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